"I Remember” is a book of poems and content inspired from the wisdom I gained from my unique experiences and from my intuition within.

2018-08-16 19:22:37

Everyone's living their life on their own terms, and for some people, they might have a harder time of it
compared to others. And almost all of us will go through difficult experiences in our lives and encounter
different challenges. When these things happen, we can all benefit from the wisdom of our friends,
peers, and families---people who have been through the same things that we're going through and can
impart to us some important life lessons that will help us to carry on.
Author Travis Huntley is that wisdom-filled friend in his new book "I Remember," a book of poems that
contains insights and nuggets of wisdom gleaned from his years of existence on this earth. Through his
book, he aims to teach his readers the value of acceptance---of one's self and of other people. He also
highlights the significance of love in our lives and why we must always choose love, which unites us,
over fear and hate, which only divides us.

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